Simultaneous 5-axis

NuCon ImpellerThis part illustrates the type of part that comes to mind for most people when they think of a 5-axis machining center.  The only way to make impellers and turbines is using simultaneous 5-axis machining with a CAD/CAM system.
If you currently do all of your work on 3-axis VMCs, investing in a 5-axis machining center will open the door for new business in the future—when you’re ready. But even if your parts don’t require a simultaneous 5-axis process, you will increase the profit margin of your existing parts by machining them on a 5-axis machine using 5-sided machining.

With simultaneous 5-axis machining, a CAD/CAM system and a machine control that efficiently processes these massive part programs is key. Some controls have specific simultaneous 5-axis software features that enhance the process. Additionally, it’s important to determine the type of 5-axis machining center that is most efficient for the types of parts you run.

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