April 19, 20151-855-GO.5AXISinfo@fiveaxismachining.comNo fluff. Just the facts. 5-sided machining can make 3-axis jobs more profitable


Hurco WinMax Control Operator. Easy to Program

Programming for a 5-axis machining center doesn’t have to be complicated.

There is a misperception that programming for 5-axis is complicated, time consuming, and requires you to buy an expensive CAD/CAM package. Yes, you need to invest in a CAM system for simultaneous 5-axis work (complex parts, such as turbines or impellers). This isn’t always the case for 5-sided machining.
Understanding the capabilities of the control on a 5-axis machining center is critical to maximizing the benefits of 5-sided machining. There are only a handful of controls that give you the ability to program a part for 5-sided machining without a CAM system—and even fewer that make the transition easy with the use of software features embedded in the control.

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