Sometimes I’m too busy complaining about spam and information overload that I forget how life was BEFORE LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, texting, email…the internet in general. The greatest benefit social media gives me is the ability to connect with so many people. Certainly, we could connect and get information before these digital tools were available, but we couldn’t reach as many people. Additionally, these “channels” give people a hassle-free way to share. I was pleasantly surprised to get this message from Eric T. in my LinkedIn Inbox.

“You’re one of the people that put blogs up on the 5axis website that Hurco has right? Well if nothing more than food for thought, I had the perfect situation happen. I pushed my employer to purchase a 5axis machine. After doing so we were able to see how much it was a benefit that we were able to add 2 more…this all took place in a 6 month time frame. I now have 2 vm10u, and a vmx60u…all of which are swamped, running 2 shifts 6 days a week. A little background it wasn’t a hard decision to get a Hurco 5 axis, that’s the only type of cnc mills we own. In all, we are up to 13 on the floor. We’ve been buying hurco mills since the late 80’s and haven’t looked back…great equipment, super control… “

THANKS Eric…keep makin’ those chips!

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