5-Axis CNC Workholding

5-Axis Workholding

Selecting the best configuration for clamping and locating the workpiece can be challenging when it comes to 5-axis workholding setups because you have to consider tool interference and collision avoidance. Applications Engineer (and blogger) Michael Cope steps you through the decision-making process in his blog. Mike’s Post about 5-Axis Fixturing.

CNC part

Get that part OFF the TABLE

This comprehensive article about 5-axis workholding written by Mark Albert at Modern Machine Shop steps the reader through the pros and cons of each configuration. Workholding for effective 5-axis machining has to give the cutting tool sufficient room to maneuver, but that’s not the only need to consider. http://www.mmsonline.com/articles/get-that-part-off-the-table   Read more…

Jergens 5-Axis Fixture

New workholding system that dramatically reduces costly set up times on 3+2 multi-axis and 5-axis machines

Jergens, Inc., the world leader in quick change fixturing, introduces a new workholding system that dramatically reduces costly set up times on 3+2 multi-axis and 5-axis machines. The Fixture Pro® 5-Axis Quick Change System permits multi-sided access to pallet-mounted workpieces and provides locating accuracy to help manufacturers increase productivity and Read more…

5-Axis CNC Demo Part


Workholding for 5-axis The biggest concerns when identifying vises and fixtures for 5-sided/5-axis machining, are clearance and rigidity. You have to make sure you have clearance away from the table and around the part.  You also need to pay special attention to the height of the fixture, especially for tall Read more…

5-Axis Machining Demo VMX42SRTi Engine Block Hurco


When you create a tooling strategy for 5-axis and 5-sided machining, you need to consider three things: clearance, reach, rigidity. Repeatability and balance of the tool must be maintained to achieve surface finish requirements. While Hurco has positioned its company as a leader in 5-axis/5-sided machining and programming, information that Read more…