E.M.M. Precision, Inc. talks benefits of their Hurco VM10U 5-axis machining center 

5-Axis Machining Center - Hurco VM10Ui

Due to Hurco’s track record of developing technology that increases productivity and for manufacturing rigid machines that last, E.M.M. Precision in Conway, New Hampshire, purchased a Hurco 5-axis VM10U. Keith Dalpe, vice president, said the machine was purchased specifically for a new contract that E.M.M. Precision won for a military part. Regarding the VM10U 5-axis machining center, Keith said, “Everybody loves it. It’s just unbelievable what this machine does.”

“With the VM10U, we went from nine operations to two on this military part. We save 40 minutes per piece in cycle time alone and easily save an hour and 10 minutes total. Maybe even more important to our bottom line is the fact that the operator is running two other machines while the VM10U is making chips,” said Dalpe.

The learning curve on the VM10U 5-axis machining center proved to be just as minimal as E.M.M. Precision’s other Hurco machines, like their VMX60 3-axis machining center, VM10P 3-axis production machining center, TMM8 multi-tasking lathe with live tooling and three VM10 3-axis machining centers.

“We had a job with multiple sides, and our operator was already running the job on the VM10U when the trainer came for the training session. We do the entire job with conversational on the control right at the machine,” explained Keith.

“Another advantage when you go from doing a part on a 3-axis machine to 5-axis is that you have less handling, and you lessen the opportunity for error. The VM10U is right on the money. It was well worth the investment, and the accuracy is phenomenal,” continued Keith, who added that the Hurco machine tools are built to withstand the stress E.M.M. Precision puts on them.

“We put these Hurcos through the paces. They’re tooled to the max, and we don’t baby them. We run the VM10U 24/7,” says Keith.