Complex technology simplified

If you own a job shop or supervise a tool room, you continually have to do more with less…figuring out which equipment will help you increase the profit margins is a full-time job in of itself. If you’re a  machinist, you know that your company relies on you for recommendations on the best way to increase productivity.

If your company is still flipping parts, take the time to watch this 5-axis webinar…because the fastest way to instantly increase productivity is to make the switch to 5-sided machining. There was a time when 5-axis was an unreasonable option for many shops, but the technology today has made 5-sided the best option to instantly increase both productivity and profitability on existing parts.

Consider taking the time to watch the 5-axis webinar hosted by Modern Machine Shop where machinist Mike Cope, Hurco’s product technical specialist, is the featured presenter.

5-axis webinarThe most efficient way to increase the profit margin on your existing parts is to invest in 5-sided machining. Find out why shops of all sizes are making the switch from 3-axis mills to 5-axis and how the newest technology makes the transition easy.

After this webinar, you will possess the knowledge to evaluate how 5-axis can help your business be more productive and more profitable. With today’s technology, 5-axis doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Primary topics (what the registrant will learn):

• Different machine configurations
• How to calculate your return on investment for a 5-axis machine
• 5-axis workholding principles
• How to program using a 5-sided process

Watch the webinar here (