I assume (flashback to 6th grade with Ms. Lumbatis…to ASSUME makes an ASS out of You and ME…I can hear the collective gasp emanating from the class of 12 years olds just like it was yesterday…so I will presume instead)…OK…Take 2. I presume if you’re reading this blog, you’re considering 5-axis machining. The number one reason 3-axis shops are buying 5-axis machines is to reduce setups. Even if they don’t have a need for simultaneous 5-axis, doing traditional 3-axis parts on a 5-axis mill increases the profit margin on each part…and increases part accuracy. Download this tech paper to read about shops who have made the switch and see what features Hurco has developed that make the transition from 3 to 5 easy.

5-Axis Technical Paper


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