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Machinist’s Blog Simplifies 5-Axis

Senior Applications Engineer for Hurco, machinist, and former shop owner, Michael Cope hosts a blog on hurco.com. His latest post “5-Axis…it just ain’t that scary” contains valuable information for experienced machinists who might be a bit intimidated about making the switch from 3-axis to 5-axis.

5-Axis Accuracy

5-Axis Accuracy

Mike Cope, a Senior Applications Engineer and Product Specialist, explains the mystery surrounding 5-axis accuracy; as it applies to the workpiece itself, and how the overall positioning of the rotary axes of the machine might be affected, in his machining blog. Additionally, Mike provides tips to increase accuracy on your Read more…

5-Axis CNC Workholding

5-Axis Workholding

Selecting the best configuration for clamping and locating the workpiece can be challenging when it comes to 5-axis workholding setups because you have to consider tool interference and collision avoidance. Applications Engineer (and blogger) Michael Cope steps you through the decision-making process in his blog. Mike’s Post about 5-Axis Fixturing.