I love social media when it works!

Sometimes I’m too busy complaining about spam and information overload that I forget how life was BEFORE LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, texting, email…the internet in general. The greatest benefit social media gives me is the ability to connect with so many people. Certainly, we could connect and get information before these Read more…

Hobbyist makes miniature 5-axis machining center

If you love ingenuity, the spirit of the entrepreneur, or just plain making stuff, you will enjoy this post. This hobbyist is making a 5-axis CNC machine with an 8 x 10 footprint (that’s INCHES not feet). http://www.cnczone.com/forums/vertical_mill_lathe_project_log/145791-teeny_tiny_5-axis_mill-3.html

MoldMaking Magazine Article

This is the article we helped MoldMaking Technology magazine develop. It covers some new control features that benefit all machinists who use 5-axis and some features that are specifically advantageous for moldmakers. Check it out!